Saturday, 2 March 2019


Eugenics is good, you can tell from the name. The only thing worse than eugenics is dysgenics. All societies select for something; the only question is what. You can have a eugenic society or a dysgenic society; there is no middle ground. You have to choose.

The most effective government intervention is eugenic policies to raise the average IQ. IQ is the "God metric", not GDP. IQ is correlated with almost everything good.

It is impossible and unnecessary to predict the exact consequences of increasing IQ. Starting from our present condition, the consequences of small increases would only be good. Society is an emergent property of the people that comprise it, more complicated and dynamic than the ants nest which is at some level specified in the ant genome.

The societies that emerge from high IQ populations are better than those of a low IQ populations, as we can see by looking around the world. Give the United Kingdom a higher average IQ and it will become even better. 

Increasing IQ is easier than trying to figure out how to improve the education system or the NHS. Give people higher IQs and they will do it themselves. (They will also be cleverer and healthier already!)

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